Ladies of the Porch: Let’s step up!

Hey, Lori, AlaskaPi, the two Terri(y)s, Auntie Jean, Penom, and all the rest of you who have, a bit, just thrown in the proverbial towel… And, yes, even you, UAW Tradesman – so long out of touch, and now back as you’ve always been…

I have no idea why these spammers have gotten on this site, or why they want to trash it. I doubt they’re even humans. I have some idea of a bunch of computer-generated messages, just being pumped out there, with a collection of words that hardly make any sense, even though some of them are incredibly funny in their awkwardness. 

Actually, I think I DO know… This is a liberal/progressive platform. The old doughy white guys don’t like it. Eff ’em.

Let’s try to take over again, shall we? I know a lot of you have already done that. Want to let you know I’m ponying up, too.